Let me introduce myself to you and share with you my introduction into Semi Permanent Makeup. A journey of which stems from the year 2001 up in till the present day. Many years ago I held the position of Skin and Makeup Specialist for the beauty house Clarins, during my time there it became apparent the many difficulties my customers were enduring on a daily basis regarding there beauty regime.From spending time drawing their Brows with a pencil, feeling the frustration over the symmetrical aspect, to choosing the correct lipstick colour for their skin tone and not to mention poor eyesight when applying an eyeliner.

Now Permanent Cosmetics in the year 2000 was in no way as popular as it is today but never the less. I first encountered this very unopened world on a TV program (10 years younger), I remember the excitement I felt at finding the answer to all of the above problems.

And so my journey began, I never dreamt Permanent Cosmetics would ever be as popular as it is today, in the same way I never dreamt of having the trust and responsibility of over 18,000 faces which only goes to show that Permanent Cosmetics truly is the answer.

Please have a look around my website and I hope to see you in the near future.

Yours, Susan.


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